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    Many of us consume daily medications to stay healthy. The first time that we receive a new medication from the pharmacist, the pharmacist asks us whether we have any questions about it. After that, refills become routine. We trust that the pharmacist is filling the correct prescription and giving us the proper dosage. We pop the pill each morning without giving it a second thought … unless it makes us ill. Sometimes, when we begin to feel ill from a mis-filled prescription, it’s too late to reverse the pill’s deadly effects. Even when medication errors are not fatal, they often cause serious and permanent injuries.

    If you were harmed, or you lost a loved one because of a medication mistake, call a medication error lawyer at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC as soon as you can. An experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer from our firm will listen to your story and advise you about your potential legal options. If we determine that your injuries were caused by a careless medical provider, we will fight hard for you to recover the compensation that you deserve.

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    Types of Medication Errors

    There are many different ways that a prescription can be mis-filled due to the significant number of medical providers that are involved in the prescription filling process. At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, we frequently handle the following types of medication error cases:

    Doctors Prescribing the Wrong Medication

    Before a doctor prescribes you a new medication, he or she should thoroughly review your medical file to confirm that you are not allergic to that medication. The doctor should also make sure that you’re not taking a medication that could negatively interact with your new medication.

    Many doctors treat so many patients each day that they don’t have time to review a patient’s medical file. Additionally, your doctor might also be distracted or fatigued. As a result, your doctor might prescribe you a harmful medication. If you were harmed by ingesting a prescription that a doctor shouldn’t have prescribed to you, call a medication error lawyer from our firm today.

    Doctors Prescribing the Wrong Dosage

    Doctors are also responsible for prescribing the correct dosage of medication. If the dose is too low, you won’t receive sufficient therapeutic benefits from the medication. If the dose is too high, you may suffer life-threatening side effects.

    Pharmacies Give Out the Wrong Medication

    Many doctors continue to hand write medication prescriptions. If the doctor’s hand writing is illegible, the pharmacist will have difficulty filling the prescription. Pharmacists are trained to call the doctor’s office if they have any questions about the medication the doctor has prescribed. Unfortunately, some pharmacists would rather guess than take the time to call the doctor’s office for clarification. The consequences are usually devastating.

    Recently, the lawyers at our firm represented a young man that had suffered permanent neurological damage after a major national pharmacy mis-filled an antibiotic prescription that his pediatrician prescribed to him when he was an infant. Instead of filling the antibiotic that the doctor prescribed, the pharmacist filled an anti-psychotic prescription at a dosage that was so high that an adult wouldn’t even have been able to safely ingest it. The pharmacist not only failed to call the doctor’s office for clarification, he also failed to advise the mother about the medication (a safety rule that all pharmacists must follow when dispensing a new medication – especially if the medication will be given to a helpless baby).

    Contact Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC if a pharmacist harmed you or your loved one by failing to follow the basic rules of patient safety.

    Pharmacies Giving Out the Wrong Dosage

    Pharmacists are also responsible for filling the correct dosage of medication. Prescription opioids, for instance, should only be dispensed for short periods of time at low doses. If a pharmacist misreads the opioid dose that the doctor prescribed, the result will almost always be fatal. Call a medication error lawyer to learn more about your options if you were harmed by an overdose of medication that the pharmacist dispensed to you.

    Pharmacists Failing to Check for Medication Interactions

    Pharmacists, like physicians, must always check to see whether you are taking a prescription that might negatively interact with your new medication. Each medication that you’re prescribed is stored in an electronic database that pharmacists should always reference before dispensing a new medication to you. If your pharmacist is careless, he or she might not consult the electronic database before filling your prescription.

    If you were harmed by a negligent pharmacist, you should speak with a pharmacy malpractice lawyer.

    Nurses Administering the Incorrect Medications

    Increasingly, doctors delegate the task of prescribing and managing medications to nurses.
    In today’s world, the term “nurse” refers to a wide range of healthcare workers – some highly trained (e.g. a nurse practitioner), some not highly trained (e.g. a nurse tech).

    Doctors that work in large practices or hospitals might not be aware of the relative training that each nurse has received. If the doctor permits a nurse with little training to prescribe or manage medications, the results can be disastrous.
    If a nurse negligently administered medication during your hospital stay, contact one of our medical malpractice lawyers today.

    Nurse Incorrectly Administering Medication

    Although many nurses do not prescribe or manage medications, almost all nurses are responsible for giving medications to patients, especially in a hospital environment. Medications come in many forms, including pills, liquids, and shots. You may need to receive a drug diluted through an IV. Other drugs, such as local anesthetics, must be injected in specific areas of the body to achieve their intended effect.

    If you were injured by a nurse that unsafely gave you your medication, you should contact a medication error lawyer from Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC today.

    Can I Sue a Doctor for Prescribing the Wrong Medication?

    A doctor may be sued for prescribing the wrong medication. However, the doctor might not be the only responsible party if you were injured by ingesting the incorrect medication. For instance, the pharmacist might also be responsible for failing to verify that the doctor’s prescription was correct. If the pharmacist was employed by a national pharmacy chain, that pharmacy chain might also be responsible.

    If you’re considering suing a physician as the result of ingesting a medication that harmed you, you should speak with a medication error lawyer. When you file your lawsuit, you want to be sure that you’ve identified each and every party that might be responsible for the harm you suffered. The last thing that you want after litigating a case for 2-3 years and enduring a jury trial, is for the jury to tell you that your injuries are serious, and your damages are large, but you’ve sued the wrong party, so they can’t award you any money.

    The attorneys at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC have litigated medical malpractice cases for decades and recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients. We will help you hold your medical providers accountable so that you can recover compensation for your past, present, and future lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

    Call a Medication Error Lawyer for Help Today

    When you suffer an injury because of a medication error, you will have many questions. Who is responsible for the harm? How do we prove they are at fault? What’s the value of my injury? At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, we have the answers to your questions.

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