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    Drunk drivers are dangerous. Their reaction time is slow and they can’t focus on the road. They often exceed the speed limit and they also cause many auto accidents. If you were injured by a drunk driver, you should contact an Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer.

    The Atlanta car accident lawyers at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers have successfully represented drunk driving victims for decades. We’ll deliver the best customer service and the greatest result. Our prior victories and our 5-star client reviews validate that promise.

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    Drunk Driving Is Common and Dangerous

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MAAD) and other similar organizations have significantly reduced drunk driving accidents over the course of the past 30 years. Unfortunately, drunk drivers still kill at least 353 Georgia residents each year. Thousands more are injured.

    Drunk driving accidents typically cause the following injuries:

    Drunk Driving Accident Damages

    Drunk driving accidents often cause significant damages. For instance, some injury victims require extensive rehabilitation treatment. Other victims are unable to work while their injuries heal. Also, some victims sadly die from their wounds.

    Our Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyers will help you recover the following damages:

    Drunk driving accident victims often ask us, “can I recover damages if I was a passenger in a drunk driver’s vehicle?” Yes, you can still recover damages. However, if you knew that the driver was drunk when you got into the vehicle, it’s possible that the jury may assign you some fault. Your fault will reduce your damages award. But, you can still recover damages as long as you’re not at least 50% liable. Though, if you provided alcohol to the drunk driver, you may have difficulty recovering any damages.

    Our Atlanta car accident lawyers will evaluate your case and determine whether you share any fault. Then, we’ll calculate your damages. That way, you’ll know how much compensation you might receive.

    The Statute Of Limitations Requires You To Act Quickly

    There is a two-year window to file Georgia drunk driving accident claims. The statute of limitations (SOL) typically begins to run when the accident occurred. That might seem like a lot of time. But, it’s not.

    Your medical treatment period may exceed a year if you undergo surgery. It takes months to order all of your medical records. Your lawyer may also need to hire experts to evaluate your case. Additionally, your lawyer will negotiate your claim before they file your lawsuit. That process lasts approximately 60 days.

    There are serious consequences if your lawsuit isn’t filed and served within 2 years. In fact, the court will usually dismiss a lawsuit that isn’t timely filed.

    You should contact an Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer ASAP. That way, your lawyer will have sufficient time to evaluate your claim and, if necessary, file and serve your lawsuit.

    What Should I Do After A Drunk Driving Accident?

    Many drunk driving accident victims wonder, “what do I do now?”

    Here are the steps that you should take after a drunk driving accident:

    • Move your vehicle to a safe location. If your vehicle is undrivable, remain in your vehicle until the police officer arrives.
    • Call 9-1-1.
    • If the drunk driver approaches you, tell them that you prefer to communicate through the police officer.
    • Cooperate with the first responders. Tell the police officer how the collision occurred. Make sure the police officer understands that the driver was intoxicated.
    • Call your accident lawyer ASAP.
    • If witnesses stop at the collision scene, approach them and get their contact info. That way, your lawyer can obtain their recorded statements.
    • Get your injuries examined at the emergency room or an urgent clinic.

    Our Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Can Help You

    Drunk driving accidents are traumatic. You need to hire a lawyer that will hold the drunk driver accountable for all the harms they’ve caused. First, your lawyer must work hand-in-hand with the criminal prosecutor to deliver justice. Then, your lawyer must recover the compensation you deserve.

    If you’re looking for the best Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyers, you’ve found them.

    Contact Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers today. You can call us directly at (404) 419-6674. Also, you may contact us online to schedule a free case review with an Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer.

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