Who Is Responsible for a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident?

Multi-vehicle accident

Sometimes it is easy to determine who is at fault for causing a car accident. For instance, when a driver fails to pay attention to traffic conditions and rear-ends the vehicle in front of him at a stoplight, the careless driver is at fault. However, in a multi-vehicle collision, it is sometimes more difficult to determine which party caused the wreck. If you were involved in a crash with two or more vehicles, the best thing to do is work with an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer.

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Negligent Drivers Are Typically Responsible for Crashes

Before you can determine who is liable for compensating you for your car accident injuries, you must determine whose negligence caused the crash. The party whose carelessness or recklessness led to the incident is responsible.

For instance, a driver may have been speeding and distracted by his cellphone. The driver may have been impaired with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit of 0.08%. The motorist may have been driving home from a 12-hour nightshift and fell asleep behind the wheel.

Were You Injured in a Chain Reaction Car Accident?

One of the most common types of multi-vehicle accidents is a chain reaction collision. In that scenario, Car 1 hits Car 2, which in turn collides with Car 3, and so on.

In that type of accident, the first car to cause the collision is typically liable for all of the resulting crashes and injuries. That may be the furthest vehicle to the back, which pushes each car into the vehicle in front of them. The first collision may be by the motorist in the middle, Car 2, who strikes the vehicle in front, Car 1. The following vehicle, Car 3, may not expect a sudden stop and then collide with Car 2.

We will thoroughly investigate a chain reaction accident to determine who caused the first collision that led to the other collisions

There are also circumstances in which another driver may also be liable for contributing to the chain reaction or for failing to leave enough room between themselves and the cars in front of them.

More Than One Driver May Be Negligent

When you work with one of our multi-vehicle car accident lawyers after a crash, we will gather and analyze the evidence to identify the negligent motorist. However, when three or more vehicles were involved, the evidence may show more than one driver was careless or reckless and contributed to the accident.

If several vehicles were involved in a collision, we will review each driver’s actions leading up to the crash.

We will hold each negligent driver accountable for causing your injuries and the property damage to your vehicle.

Pursuing Compensation From More Than One At-Fault Driver

If you were injured in a crash and the evidence suggests at least two other drivers were negligent, then you should talk with a multi-vehicle car accident lawyer about how to pursue compensation from each one of the at-fault drivers.

When two different motorists contributed to the accident, our attorneys can guide in insurance claims against both driver’s policies. We will pursue the maximum compensation possible for your physical, psychological, and financial injuries from each policy.

If you are unable to obtain an insurance settlement, then we may file a lawsuit against multiple negligent motorists. Our attorneys are not intimidated by the prospect of going to trial and asking a judge or jury to hold the motorists responsible for your injuries.

The jury will apportion fault between each one of the drivers that contributed to your injuries so that you can obtain complete compensation for your losses.

Other Parties May Be Responsible

Most car accidents are caused by driver error. However, that is not always the case.

Car accidents also can occur because of defective vehicle parts. For example, the 2014-18 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ each had a defective steering-wheel bolt that could loosen and cause the steering wheel to detach. That serious defect led to some motorists losing control of their vehicles. The resulting crash and injuries would likely be to blame on the manufacturer.

When we investigate the crash that led to your injuries, we will carefully review whether any of the vehicles involved had a known defect.

Crashes may also happen because of defective roads and traffic control systems. We have handled accidents arising because of malfunctioning or poorly programmed traffic lights, missing traffic signs, and poorly designed roads and intersections.

We also will review the crash rates associated with the road and intersection where your collision occurred to determine if the state or local municipality—whoever is responsible for maintaining that road—has been negligent by not providing better traffic controls.

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