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    My son was born healthy, but after birth, he almost died from a brain injury because of a physician’s failure to diagnose a potential problem, treat it or, inform my wife and me about the risk. This negligence left our son with a lifelong disability.

    Filing a malpractice lawsuit to help support my son was a traumatic experience. And taking the case to trial was frightening, but Charles was with us from the get-go. He prepared us and kept us well informed about what the jury was going through and what the defense was doing.

    Charles had a personal way of communicating with our family that made us feel we were not alone and helped us make it through a very difficult time. We always knew he was fighting for us. The case settled in 2003 in our favor, and my son has a trust fund that will give him the support he needs for life.


    We associated Charles on one of our cases and worked closely with him over the course of a couple of years. Charles is insightful, thoughtful and exceedingly creative. He has an uncanny ability to boil even very complex facts and law into very simple and elegant themes—that work. They worked for us as we developed the case along those themes and were very effective with the juries to whom we presented them

    I would be remiss not to mention how much I learned from him about speaking to juries and allowing them to identify and reinforce your themes through their own mouths. It was enlightening and brilliant.

    Lastly, I enjoyed working with Charles so much. He is a fierce advocate, he works incredibly hard, he was a good teacher and collaborator and became a good friend.


    Charles is an expert trial lawyer. He has authoritative and comprehensive proficiency in the rare specialty of litigation. In this arena of uncertain legal standards and risky jury trials, Charles has the most important attribute of all: judgment.

    Charles also has the one true mark of a champion: the ability to make a comeback. Once a trial begins, endurance is paramount – to last despite stress, frustration, fatigue and adversity. Fortitude and resilience are among his best qualities.

    Charles possesses the traits Aristotle said define an ideal player: character, competence and good will. He brings these to the theatre of the courtroom.


    "Charles is an excellent trial attorney who possesses a unique talent to hone in on the significant issues and turn the Defendant’s strengths against them. Charles is as honest as the day is long and works tirelessly to ensure that his clients receive all that is possible. While no lawyer is perfect, Charles strives to be as good a lawyer as there is on this planet, and he succeeds!"
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