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    Every parent worries about their children’s safety. After all, parents can’t keep their children safe from harm at all times. However, no child should be exposed to needless risks. You should contact an Atlanta child injury lawyer if an accident injured your child.

    Our Atlanta injury lawyers have successfully represented child injury victims for decades. We’ll deliver the best customer service and the greatest result. Our prior victories and our 5-star client reviews validate that promise.

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    Common Child Injury Incidents

    Here are the incidents that commonly injure children:

    Playground Falls

    If poorly designed or poorly maintained playground equipment injured your child, you should call an Atlanta child injury lawyer.

    Swimming Accidents

    Poorly supervised pools lead to many child injuries. Additionally, some children wander into fenceless pools and drown. Call Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers if your son or daughter was injured at a pool or waterpark facility.

    Animal Attacks

    Domestic animals frequently injure children. In fact, 50% of children suffer a dog bite wound. Call an Atlanta child injury lawyer today if a pet injured your child.

    Recreational Injuries

    Dangerous unsecured equipment injures many children. For instance, a child may swing a baseball bat and strike your child’s face. A lawnmower may amputate your child’s limbs. Or, a neighbor’s child may shoot your child with a household handgun that wasn’t secured.

    Medical Malpractice

    Negligent medical providers also injure some children. Medical malpractice includes harm caused by birth injuries, surgical errors, and medication errors. If a medical provider injured your child, call an Atlanta child injury lawyer today for help.

    Car Crashes

    Even minor impact car accidents expose your children to powerful injury forces. Unfortunately, some car accidents also permanently injure children. If so, your child may require extensive medical treatment.

    Defective Products

    Defective products maim and kill many children. For example, slingshots, toy guns, trampolines, and home appliances injure thousands of children each year. If a toy or defective product harmed your child, call Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers.

    Child Injury Damages

    All children deserve the best medical care. Unfortunately, many health care plans have high deductibles. Also, some policies don’t cover specialist treatments. Some health insurers even refuse to cover treatment that they didn’t “pre-authorize.”

    As a result, doctor’s visits, surgeries, and therapies can quickly become very costly. Our Atlanta child injury lawyers will help you recover damages, such as:

    • Surgical bills and doctor’s bills
    • Child counseling and therapy bills
    • Medical device costs
    • Transportation costs
    • Future medical care costs

    Child Injuries In Public Areas

    Many children are injured at public schools and public playgrounds. Unfortunately, Georgia has enacted sovereign immunity laws that protect the state and its employees from lawsuits. In some cases, courts have ruled that those laws also cover public schools and their teachers. Thus, that makes it difficult to recover damages for your child.

    However, there are several exceptions to those sovereign immunity laws including:

    Injuries Caused by a Non-State Actor

    If another child injured your child, you can sue their parents. Additionally, if a third party injured your child, you can also sue them. If you’re unsure whether you can sue, contact an Atlanta child injury lawyer.

    Injuries Incurred in a Ministerial Act

    Georgia’s sovereign immunity laws only protect government employees from being sued for “discretionary” acts. Discretionary acts require a “judgment” decision. For instance, even if the official made the wrong decision, they usually are lawsuit immune unless their acts were willfully harmful.

    “Ministerial acts,” by contrast, don’t require a “judgment” decision. Ministerial acts are simply defined. If a state employee harmed your child by committing an unlawful ministerial act, they aren’t lawsuit immune. For instance, a teacher cannot hit your child.

    If a city, county, or state employee injured your child, you must act quickly. In fact, before you file your child’s lawsuit, you must serve an ante litem notice on the entity that harmed your child. Some ante litem notices must be served as quickly as 6 months after the incident. If you don’t timely serve your ante litem notice, a court may dismiss your child’s lawsuit.

    Our Atlanta Child Injury Lawyers Can Help You

    At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, our injury lawyers understand your grief. We’ll help you recover damages to relieve your family’s financial burdens. That way, your child can reach their full potential.

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