Most Common Causes of Atlanta Truck Accidents

Atlanta truck accidents

Due to their massive size and weight, trucks can cause devastating accidents. The injuries most commonly caused by truck collisions include fractures, burns, head, neck, back, or brain injuries; and in the most severe cases – death. Truck accidents are frequent in Atlanta due to our city’s heavy traffic congestion. Below is a list of some of the most common causes of Atlanta truck accidents.

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Atlanta

Truck collisions in Atlanta occur for a number of reasons, including:

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers must keep their eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel at all times. However, truck drivers are often distracted when they are on the road. Some of the most common types of driver distractions include eating, drinking, texting, and fumbling with radio controls.

Fatigued Driving

Truck drivers are compensated based upon the number of miles they drive. When they’re not on the road, truck drivers don’t get paid. As a result of this incentive, truck drivers tend to drive long routes at all hours of the day and night.

Federal guidelines restrict how much time truck drivers can spend on the road. However, many times trucking companies and truck drivers ignore these guidelines and hope that they won’t get caught. Truck drivers inevitably get fatigued on lengthy late-night routes, which inhibits their reaction times, decision-making capabilities, and increases the likelihood that they will cause serious accidents.

Inexperienced Driving

Truck carriers are required to hire experienced, qualified drivers that have reliably safe driving records. Truck carriers must check the driver’s safety records when they hire the driver, and on an annual basis thereafter. Many times, truck carriers rush to hire new drivers, so they don’t check their driver’s safety records. As a result, they hire drivers with little experience, or with a history of unsafe driving practices. When truck carriers hire drivers with little experience safely operating trucks, they put everyone else on the road at risk.

Reckless Driving

Some truck drivers recklessly operate their vehicles which leads to catastrophic collisions. Reckless driving behaviors include ignoring speed limits, tailgating other vehicles, failing to observe traffic signals, weaving in and out of lanes, and driving while distracted.


It is particularly dangerous for truck drivers to speed because the vehicles they’re operating require more time to come to a complete stop. Despite their awareness of these dangers, many truckers speed and cause serious accidents.

Overloaded Cargo

Truck drivers must not transport cargo that exceeds a given weight limit. If they carry too much cargo, their trucks become overloaded and difficult to balance. Overloaded trucks are also more likely to rollover which causes truckers to lose control of their vehicles. In addition, overloaded trucks require more time to come to a complete stop.

Poor Maintenance

Trucks require routine maintenance in order to run safely and efficiently. Some trucking companies cut corners by not performing this maintenance which dramatically increases the chances that a truck will cause a catastrophic crash.

Failure to Check Blind Spots

Trucks have huge blind spots. Truck drivers must check their blind spots prior to changing lanes or turning. Unfortunately, even experienced truckers may sometimes forget to check their blind spots, which can lead to cause serious accidents.

Driving Under the Influence

Operating a truck under the influence of alcohol or drugs is undeniably reckless. When a truck driver has alcohol or drugs in their body, they may swerve between lanes, drive too quickly or too slowly, suddenly stop, or disregard lights and traffic signs.

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