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    Medical misdiagnoses can cause devastating injuries. In fact, more than 100,000 Americans are permanently disabled or killed each year due to medical misdiagnoses. If you suffered a misdiagnosis injury, you need to contact an Atlanta misdiagnosis lawyer.

    Our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers have successfully represented misdiagnosis injury victims for decades. We’ll deliver the best customer service and the greatest result. Our prior victories and our 5-star client reviews validate that promise.

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    Misdiagnosis Injury Causes

    Doctors must accurately and timely identify their patients’ health problems. For instance, they must:

    • Conduct a proper physical exam
    • Collect a thorough patient history
    • Order appropriate diagnostic imaging studies
    • Timely review those imaging studies

    • Also, doctors must timely explain their diagnoses to their patients. When doctors fail to perform one or more of those essential tasks, they may misdiagnose a serious medical condition.

      Doctors often misdiagnose medical conditions when they:

      • Fail to order necessary screening tests
      • Erroneously interpret lab or imaging studies
      • Fail to identify the cause of symptoms
      • Delay essential treatment or provide harmful treatment.

      If your doctor misdiagnosed your medical condition, you should contact our Atlanta misdiagnosis lawyers.

      Commonly Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

      Many doctors misdiagnose life-threatening medical conditions. In fact, 20% of serious medical conditions are initially misdiagnosed. Some of the commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions include:

      • Cancer
      • Parkinson’s Disease
      • Lyme Disease
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Multiple Sclerosis
      • Stroke
      • Heart attack
      • Depression and anxiety

      Misdiagnosis Injury Prevention

      Doctors always blame their patients when they’re sued. For instance, some doctors contend that their patients withheld information from them.

      Don’t give your doctor the opportunity to make that excuse. Instead, follow these three simple recommendations from our Atlanta misdiagnosis lawyers:

      • Prior to your first appointment, you should contact your previous physicians’ offices and ask them to fax or e-mail your medical records and your imaging films to your new doctor. If your new doctor has that information, they’ll be less likely to misdiagnose your symptoms.
      • Doctors are often pressed for time when they meet you. You may also feel rushed and forget to ask an important question. Therefore, you should make a list of 5-10 burning questions that you’d like your doctor to answer. That will ensure that you use your time effectively.
      • Bring a friend or relative to your appointment. They can provide you moral support. Also, they may ask an important question that you overlooked.

      Misdiagnosis Injury Damages

      When you suffer a life-threatening illness, you may feel overwhelmed. In fact, you may even feel defeated. We understand how you feel.

      Monetary damages won’t undo the harms you’ve suffered. However, they can help secure your family’s financial future.

      Our Atlanta misdiagnosis lawyers will help you and your family recover the following damages:

      • Past medical bills
      • Future medical expenses
      • Lost wagess
      • Diminished earning capacity
      • Pain and suffering compensation
      • Wrongful death compensation if a loved one passed away due to a doctor’s misdiagnosis

      Our Atlanta Misdiagnosis Lawyers Can Help You

      Medical malpractice cases are difficult to put together, extraordinarily expensive, and they always feature more resources available to the defense. In order to successfully resolve a misdiagnosis injury claim, you need to hire the best Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers.

      We’ll help you recover the compensation you deserve. Just give us a call. We’re here to help you.

      Call us today at (404) 419-6674. Also, you may fill-out our online contact form to schedule a free case review with our Atlanta misdiagnosis lawyers.

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