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    It’s devastating when you’re fired from a job. You’ll lose your salary and health insurance benefits. In fact, if you’re the primary breadwinner in your family, your family may be unable to make rent or mortgage payments. You could lose your home. Potential employers may not hire you if they know you were fired. If your employer fired you, you should immediately contact an Atlanta wrongful termination lawyer at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers.

    Georgia employers can generally terminate employees with or without cause. However, they can’t fire their employees for an illegal reason. For instance, some employers fire their employees that complain about sexual harassment. That’s illegal. If something like that happened to you, you can sue them.

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    Wrongful Termination Claims

    • Discrimination. Employers cannot terminate an employee on the basis of race, age, sex, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. For instance, you may have a claim if you’re over the age of 40 and your employer fired you through a reduction-in-force that targeted older employees.
    • Retaliation. It’s illegal for employers to fire employees that have complained about unlawful discrimination. Call our Atlanta wrongful termination lawyers if your employer punished you.
    • Whistleblowing. Your employer can’t punish you for reporting unethical or illegal misconduct through a company hotline. Also, they can’t fire you if you filed a complaint with an external agency, such as the SEC, the Department of Labor, or the Department of Justice.
    • Refusing to Violate the Law. Many healthcare providers try to “game” the system by submitting fraudulent Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement claims. If your employer fired you for refusing to violate the law, you can sue them.

    Our Atlanta Wrongful Termination Lawyers Can Help You

    If your employer wrongfully fired you, we urge you to contact Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers. We’ll help you recover compensation including:

    • Lost pay and benefits: we can help you recover wages, salary, or benefits.
    • Lost front pay: some employers blacklist employees that complaint about sexual harassment. If so, you may recover front pay. Front pay covers your wages, salary or benefits while you apply for new employment.
    • Emotional distress damages: Victims may recover compensation for their pain and suffering.
    • Additionally, attorneys’ fees and costs are usually recoverable.

      Call our Atlanta employment dispute lawyers today at (404) 419-6674. Also, you can fill-out our online contact form to schedule a free case review with an Atlanta wrongful termination lawyer.

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