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    You interact with various products and businesses every day. Each item in your home is a product you expect to be well made and safe for you and your family to use. Every time you get into a vehicle, call an Uber, or take public transportation, you are interacting with hundreds of products. You trust they are safe so long as they are utilized correctly. You interact with countless businesses every day, and you assume their actions are lawful and harmless. However, if you or a loved one is seriously harmed by a business’s conduct, you may quickly learn that many products are dangerous and many businesses act illegally. To learn what you can do when injured by a business’s conduct, call the class action lawyers of Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC.

    If you have been seriously injured by a business’s unlawful or unethical actions, you may not be the only one. Even local businesses have a significant reach, and what they do can harm numerous individuals in a short span of time. In these situations, your case may be part of a class action, or mass torts claim.

    Our Atlanta injury lawyers have successfully represented class action victims for decades. We’ll deliver the best customer service and the greatest result. Our prior victories and our 5-star client reviews validate that promise.

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    What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

    A class action is a lawsuit that encompasses a group of victims who have all suffered similar harm due to the same or similar unlawful behavior. In a class action suit, the class representative is an individual or small group of people who file the lawsuit against the defendant on behalf of themselves and others who were injured by the conduct. The representative moves forward with the case not only on their own behalf, but also on behalf of the class, which includes all the individuals who were similarly harmed. To learn more about the unique aspects of a class action lawsuit and whether you may be one of many people injured by a business, contact a class action lawyer at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC.

    Class action lawsuits are intended to be a more efficient use of the court’s time. Instead of hearing dozens, hundreds, or thousands of cases regarding the same misconduct by the same bad actors, the court can hear one case about the allegedly harmful and illegal conduct.

    These cases are essential for another reason, as well. In many class action claims, each person who was injured may have suffered only minor-to-moderate harm. While their physical, psychological, and financial damages may not warrant the time and expense of litigating their own case, by creating a class of plaintiffs, the group can bear the costs of filing a lawsuit. Additionally, during a class action lawsuit, one or only a few firms handle the case. This enables a pooling of resources instead of dozens or hundreds of different class action law firms handling similar suits.

    Bringing a Class Action Lawsuit

    Depending on whether you bring a class action in Georgia or federal court, you must follow state or federal procedures regarding class actions.

    The first step after filing a potential class action lawsuit is to ask the court to certify the class. You must be able to show that a group of individuals suffered the same or similar injuries based on the alleged misconduct. You also need to show that, due to various factors, it would be impractical for every injured person to file their own case. Our class action lawyers can discuss everything it takes to certify a class.

    If your class receives certification, the next step is for the judge to define the scope of the class. This means the judge sets boundaries for who may and may not be represented by the class plaintiff.

    After the class is certified and defined, the class representative is required to notify all potential class members. At some point, you have probably received notification of a class action lawsuit. This usually involves a letter or email that says if you interacted with a business in a certain way during a certain period, then you are a class member. Class notifications should also provide all potential class members with the option to opt-out of the lawsuit.

    Following class notification, the class action moves forward like any other lawsuit. We will represent your interests and pursue the maximum compensation possible, which we may seek through a settlement or at trial.

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    Mass Tort Cases Differ From Class Actions

    People often talk about mass tort and class action cases together. However, despite their similarities, they are very different legal proceedings. A class action is one lawsuit brought on behalf of many. Only one lawsuit moves through the court system regarding the defendant’s conduct. During mass tort cases, each injured individual must file their own lawsuit and prove that they are entitled to compensation. While many individuals may have been harmed by the conduct in question, and their cases may have similar facts and legal issues, they must all go to court individually.

    Mass torts are more efficient than typical individual lawsuits because they are consolidated in one or a few jurisdictions. This ensures similar cases do not take up court time and resources in many jurisdictions. Instead, one or a few court systems can control the docket of similar cases.

    Additionally, in many mass tort situations, a few firms will work together on behalf of their clients. This pooling of resources enables firms to balance the challenging workload associated with mass torts instead of each law firm having to do similar and duplicate work.

    If you have any questions about filing or becoming part of a mass tort case, contact our mass tort lawyers at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC. We are here to listen to your story, explain your rights, and address your concerns.

    Common Types of Mass Tort & Class Action Claims

    Class action and mass tort lawsuits arise from a wide-range of behaviors. That is because a business’s unlawful conduct can easily reach a multitude of people.

    Some of the most common types of class action and mass tort lawsuits arise from:

    • Defective Products
    • Dangerous Drugs (Zofran, Invokana, Xarelto)
    • Dangerous Medical Devices (Stryker Hip Replacement, Depuy Hip Replacement, IVC Filter, and Transvaginal Mesh)
    • Defective Vehicles
    • Deceptive Business Practices
    • Predatory Lending Practices
    • Unlawful Debt Collection Practices
    • Consumer Fraud
    • Securities Fraud
    • Hour and Wage Violations
    • Employee/Independent Contractor Misclassification
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Other Illegal Employment Practices
    • Civil Rights Violations
    • Violations of Environmental Regulations
    • Environmental Disaster
    • Transportation Disasters
    • Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
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    Potential Compensation

    Depending on the injuries you suffered, you can seek a variety of damages, including:

    • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity
    • Past, present, and future medical costs
    • Pain and suffering
    • Permanent disability or disfigurement
    • Property damage

    If you are part of a class action, then the class representative seeks compensation for the entire class’s injuries. That is why class actions often result in multi-million dollar settlements or verdicts. While it is a sizeable financial recovery, it must cover the class representative’s attorneys’ fees and then be distributed amongst all of the class members.

    If you decide to move forward with a mass tort case, then your mass tort lawyers will calculate the potential value of your individual case. We will thoroughly document your economic and non-economic damages with the goal of obtaining as much compensation as possible for you.

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    When you are injured because of a business’s unlawful conduct, you deserve your day in court. You are entitled to try and hold that business responsible for its actions and to obtain compensation for the harm you suffered. However, doing so can be complicated. Class action and mass tort cases are often complex and challenging to prove. You will need the help of experienced and highly skilled class action lawyers.

    At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, we have over 33 years of experience helping seriously injured individuals and their families. We understand that going up against a large company places a heavy burden on your shoulders. We want to relieve some of that weight. We are here to represent you in a class action or mass tort case and to carry the burden of the legal formalities and negotiations for you.

    We represent individuals in Atlanta, Fulton County, DeKalb County, Clayton County, Gwinnett County, and Cobb County, and throughout Georgia.

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