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    Head-on collisions are rare, but devastating. For instance, only 2% of car accidents are head-on collisions. However, 10% of fatal car accidents are head-on collisions. If you were injured in a head-on collision, you need to hire an Atlanta head-on collision lawyer.

    Our Atlanta car accident lawyers have successfully represented head-on collision victims for decades. We’ll deliver the best customer service and the greatest result. Our prior victories and our 5-star client reviews validate that promise.

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    How To Determine Fault in a Head-On Collision

    In order to recover compensation from the other driver, you must prove the following facts:

    1. The other driver carelessly drove their vehicle;
    2. Their careless driving caused the collision;
    3. The collision caused your injuries; and,
    4. The collision caused you to sustain damages.

    Unfortunately, head-on auto crashes are so severe that many drivers can’t recall how they occurred. If there weren’t any eyewitnesses, you may wonder how you can prove fault. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

    At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, we’ll hire an accident reconstruction expert to determine how the collision occurred. First, that expert will review the collision photographs. Then, they’ll visit the collision scene and collect important measurements, such as the skid mark lengths and gouge marks in the road. That information helps the expert identify the traffic lane where the collision occurred. If the head-on impact occurred in your traffic lane, that typically means that the other driver swerved into your lane and caused the wreck.

    You should call an Atlanta head-on collision lawyer even if you partially caused the wreck. In fact, Georgia’s comparative negligence law enables car accident victims to recover compensation so long as they’re not at least 50% responsible for causing the wreck.

    Head-On Collision Injuries

    Head-on collisions are typically more severe than side-swipe collisions because they involve a direct impact rather than a glancing blow. The most common head-on collision injuries include:

    Head-on collisions also frequently cause whiplash injuries. Whiplash injuries occur when a victim’s head snaps back and forth following the crash impact. Those injuries often damage the soft tissues and vertebrae in the neck. If you experience radiating pain down your arms after a collision that’s a sign that you have a serious neck injury.

    Head-On Collision Damages

    Many potential clients ask us, “what damages can I recover from a head-on collision?” You can recover damages for every harm you suffered, such as:

    Your Atlanta head-on collision lawyer will collect evidence to prove your damages, such as your medical records and bills, photographs, witness statements, and video footage. Then, once you lawyer has that evidence, they will present it to the insurance adjuster. Next, the insurance adjuster will evaluate it and make a settlement offer. That initial offer is a low offer that you shouldn’t accept. Your lawyer will continue to negotiate with the adjuster until they make a reasonable offer. If they don’t, then your lawyer will litigate your case.

    Litigating Your Case

    Your Atlanta head-on collision lawyer will file your lawsuit if your case doesn’t settle pre-suit. Litigation is time-consuming and expensive. It requires extensive knowledge of:

    • Georgia statutes;
    • Case law;
    • Local court procedural rules;
    • Evidence rules;
    • Discovery and deposition techniques;
    • Motion practice; and,
    • Many other fields.

    Don’t proceed on your own. The insurance defense lawyer will minimize your suffering and try to get your case dismissed. Hire a head-on collision lawyer to fight for you.

    Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers Can Help

    If you were injured in a car crash we can help you win justice.

    Call us today at (404) 419-6674. Also you may fill-out our online contact form to schedule a free case review with an Atlanta head-on collision lawyer.

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