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Each year in Georgia, thousands of people are injured or killed because of distracted drivers. A single glance from the road to a text message is typically all that it takes for a catastrophic collision to occur. Some drivers improve their behavior after a near-miss collision. Other drivers learn the hard way after seriously injuring or killing another motorist, pedestrian, or bicyclist.

If you were injured or lost a love one because of a distracted driving collision, you deserve the opportunity to hold the careless driver accountable. The process begins with a simple phone call to an attorney that specializes in distracting driving car accidents.

The attorneys at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC have helped car accident victims and their families recover tens of millions of dollars for their losses. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers will investigate your case, help you file a claim, and negotiate a fair resolution of your claim. If the insurance company won’t pay you the fair value of your case, we will gladly take your case to trial.

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Distracted Drivers on Georgia Roads

The National Highways Transportation Safety Administration estimates that there are about 400,000 accidents caused each year in the United States by distracted drivers. Hundreds of fatal car accident victims in Georgia are killed in distracted driving wrecks. The Atlanta roadways are full of drivers that are texting and watching videos on their phones.

Georgia has seen a significant rise in motor vehicle collision deaths over the last several years. Many believe that distracted drivers are one of the leading causes. The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported a 34 percent rise in fatal accidents between 2014 and 2016. Recently, a young motorist killed three people while she was distracted by her phone while she drove in Woodstock, Georgia. Another driver in southwest Atlanta was distracted by his phone’s GPS which resulted in a head-on collision that seriously injured an infant.

Georgia legislators have enacted several laws to punish distracted driving, including:

  • Touching your phone – It’s illegal to have any part of your body in contact with your phone. Even tapping the screen could land you a $50 fine for a first offense.
  • Reading your phone – A driver can no longer read emails, texts, or social media posts while driving.
  • Specific exceptions – Viewing your phone’s screen is permitted for navigation, but you still must keep your hands off of the device while the car is in drive. You can also make a phone call if there is a genuine health or traffic emergency.

Proving that a driver was using his or her cell phone right before the collision occurred typically recalls you to file a lawsuit and subpoena the driver’s cell phone usage data. Considering the time that it takes to obtain that data and Georgia’s two-year statute of limitations for personal injuries arising from car collisions, do not delay to call a skilled distracted driving attorney.

Various Distracted Driving Accident Scenarios

Drivers should always be focused on the road. Unfortunately, there are so many things that demand our attention throughout the course of the day. Many people in the Atlanta area cause serious car wrecks when they are distracted by something that they think cannot wait, such as a response to a friend’s text.

Some of the most common causes of distracted driving accidents include:

  • Cell phone use – The National Safety Council reports that approximately 26 percent of car accidents involve cell phone use. A car can travel well over 100 feet in the two or three seconds that it takes the driver to read a text message or study their map.
  • Adjusting vehicle controls – Sometimes people fail to make adjustments to their car before they take off. Adjusting the seat or odometer can be more than enough to distract a driver and cause an accident.
  • Speaking with passengers – Drivers sometimes get into intense conversations with one or more passengers. That can happen with anyone, but it’s especially common with teen drivers.
  • Eating – Eating food or simply taking a sip of a drink can take your attention for numerous seconds. Spills often happen in moving vehicles, and they can result in the drivers taking their focus off of the road.
  • Applying makeup – Drivers often try and multitask while they are behind the wheel. Applying makeup occupies at least one hand, and it requires taking your eyes off the road.

Call A Lawyer If A Distracted Driver Hit You

Many people are uncertain about what to do if they are injured in an accident. It’s important to get emergency medical help right away. Others don’t know how they can recover compensation from a negligent driver. The insurance companies involved will seek to pay out as little as possible. Therefore, after obtaining emergency treatment, it’s important to contact a skilled accident lawyer as soon as possible.

When our clients are injured by a distracted driver, we help them with:

  • Interactions with police – It’s important to properly report your accident and make sure that the police understand that the other driver were distracted, if you know. Our lawyers work closely with law enforcement that have investigated our clients’ accidents. If there’s something that you recall after speaking with the police officer, we can contact the officer with the new information and ask the officer to prepare a supplemental report.
  • Make sure you continue to get excellent medical care – Your medical care might be costly, but it’s important to get all of your injuries fully evaluated so that the insurance company understands the full value of your losses. If you are not sure which medical provider you should treat with, we are glad to make a recommendation to the best medical providers in Atlanta.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies – An acceptable financial settlement will only occur once you prove that you have a strong case. Our lawyers will gather all relevant evidence to demonstrate that the other driver was negligent, and that they owe you damages for your injuries.
  • Winning in court – If it’s necessary to take your case to court, your lawyer will have to prove that the other driver caused your accident due to their negligence. Our trial lawyers have been successfully trying cases for over three decades, including a $15M jury verdict in 2016.

Georgia’s statute of limitations only allows you to file a claim within two years of the accident that caused your injuries. If you fail to do that, your case can be dismissed. Winning the financial compensation that you deserve will require your lawyer to conduct an extensive investigation on your behalf. While there are exceptions to Georgia’s statute of limitations, we encourage you to call a car accident lawyer without delay. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you understand your chances for recovery, and how Georgia’s statute of limitations will apply to your case.

A Lawyer From Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC Can Help You

Distracted careless drivers cause terrible car accidents every day in and around Atlanta. You might be doing everything right and suddenly become struck by someone that is not paying attention while behind the wheel. If so, you have the right to seek compensation from the party that caused your injury.

The veteran trial lawyers at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC will help you prove the other party’s negligence so that you can maximize the compensation that you recover for your losses. Given the complexity of these cases, and Georgia’s statute of limitations, do not delay in calling for legal help.

We have helped many families who have fallen victim to distracted drivers. Contact us to speak with a skilled Atlanta injury lawyer about your case. Call our office at (404) 419-6674 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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