10 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Senior Suffering from Nursing Home Abuse

We trust nursing homes and other care facilities to provide quality care to our senior parents and other loved ones that require daily living assistance. Unfortunately, nursing homes sometimes mistreat their residents rather than protecting them. If your older loved one resides in a nursing home, be sure to look out for the ten signs of abuse listed below.

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Is Your Loved One Being Abused?

There are several signs that your relative might be suffering from abuse in a nursing home, including:

1. Bedsores
Many nursing home residents spend a lot of time lying in bed. When a resident is neglected, blood might collect under their skin and lead to serious bedsores that can become infected. Bedsores typically occur in areas of the body where the skin and bone are in close contact, such as the back, hips, elbows, and heels. Bedsores often require immediate medical treatment.

2. Broken Bones
Some nursing home residents must be delicately moved. If staff members do not follow their moving protocols correctly, nursing home residents may fall and break their fragile bones. Sadly, broken bones can increase seniors’ risk of death.

3. Depression
If nursing home staff leave their residents alone for long periods of time and ignore their cries for help, residents may become depressed. While sadness is the main sign of depression, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, and social withdrawal may also occur because of this condition.

4. Weight Loss
In some cases, nursing home staff fail to provide residents with the adequate amount of food and water that they require to remain healthy. Some unscrupulous staff members may intentionally withhold food and water as a form of punishment. Other careless staff members may unintentionally deprive residents of nutrition.

5. Loss of or Lack of Mobility
It can be difficult for nursing home residents to remain mobile. A quality care facility should help residents move around and be as active as possible. Some nursing homes offer walking programs to help residents build strength and improve their balance. If nursing home abuse is present, a resident may be left in bed for a long period of time and lose their mobility.

6. Unsanitary Living Conditions
Nursing homes have a duty to provide residents with a clean and safe living environment. If they fail to do so, that is a clear sign of abuse and neglect. Dirty kitchens, bathrooms, bedding, and clothing are indications of unsanitary living conditions.

7. Poor Personal Hygiene
Nursing home staff are required to assist with their residents’ personal hygiene. When residents no longer brush their teeth, comb their hair, clip their nails, or bathe, those are signs that the nursing home is neglecting its resident’s well-being.

8. Financial Issues
Sometimes, nursing home staff may steal money from their residents. The most common signs of financial abuse include unexplained expenditures, being signed up for random payments that recur monthly, missing checks or credit cards, and unforeseen bills or expenses.

9. Poor Nursing Home Staff Behavior
Nursing home staff members should be alert, enthusiastic, and cordial. When staff members seem uninterested, non-responsive, and unknowledgeable about residents’ well-being, your loved one may be an abuse victim.

10. Sexual Problems
Sexual abuse may occur in nursing homes. Bruises around the genitals or breasts, unexplained vaginal or anal bleeding, and torn or bloody undergarments may signify that a resident is coping with a dangerous situation that deserves immediate medical attention.

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